Special Occasions

Private dining in Kameralna restaurant

Weddings, baptisms and first communions require unique scenery. We plan and prepare these events paying attention to every detail. The location in the center of Warsaw, exquisite cuisine and friendly, professional service will make every event successful. If you dream about classy occasional event, we will be happy to help you organize this party in our restaurant. In our menu you'll find an elegant, traditional food and delicious desserts. A drink card offers the best wines from around the world. We can help you determine the menu at the event, but we are also open to your preferences. Special event organized in Kameralna restaurant certainly be nice remembered by you and your guests.

Wedding in restaurant - Warsaw

Wedding party is special not only for the bride and groom, but also for all the guests. This special day will be even more splendid with elegant decor, delicious cuisine and friendly service. Wedding in the centre of Warsaw is elegant and comfortable solution, thanks to a good location. Dishes not only taste great but also are aesthetically served on tables. The entire decor emphasizes the uniqueness of this event. Another advantage of our restaurant is very well-stocked bar. Our bartenders are always available, ready to help choose a wine or drink.

First Communion in restaurant

The Kameralna restaurant is the ideal place to host this type of event. The location in the center of Warsaw and elegant interior make that we often organize first communion parties. You can be sure that served dishes, desserts and snacks are delicious and tasteful. You can enjoy a fun filled time with your family. Our professional service will take care of everything.

Baptism in restaurant

In the Kameralna restaurant, we also offer professional organization and service of baptism. Our restaurant is ideal for baptism because it is located in the city center of Warsaw. We can prepare an elegant and delicate tableware and decor. Our service during the christening party particularly cares about the baby and his mom. For you healthy we can prepare special light fare tailored to your preference. You can be sure that all dishes will be presented excellently.

Birthday and other private events in restaurant - Warsaw

We organize birthdays and other special occasions like engagements and anniversaries. Regardless of whether important day you want to spend with one closest person or with your all family and friends, our restaurant is appropriate for you. We will adjust catering to your needs and the type of party. Our restaurant is the perfect choice for the night out with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday.